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What's New in Microsoft EDU - Episode 25

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Microsoft Education

Published on 16 Oct 2018

With the school year in full swing, its time to debut our October edition of Whats New in EDU. Sorry, Halloween scare-fans: the only spooky thing about this one is how much news we squeezed into a single episode.

English Subtitles

0:00 G'Day, everyone! Welcome to another edition of What's New in EDU!
0:03 Where we bring you all the latest EDU updates from Microsoft.
0:08 This month is National Dyslexia Awareness month, and we have some BIG news from our very own CEO, Satya Nadella.
0:14 At Microsoft we've made the pledge to support the Made by Dyslexia initiative
0:21 Sayta talked to Mitra, a mother to Onjay who is a bright fourth-grader.
0:25 Onjay, like many others experiences some specific literacy challenges due to Dyslexia.
0:31 Onjay found a solution that unlocked his potential, and for him, that solution was Microsoft Learning Tools
0:39 And today Microsoft became the first company to sign the Made by Dyslexia pledge to support families like Mitra and Onjay and the 700 million people around the world with Dyslexia.
0:51 And that's why I work here!
0:53 So, what else is new?
0:54 For YOU global collaborators out there, Skype-a-thon is back next month!
0:59 But first, lets kick it off to Mike to share some really awesome Office 365 updates, which support all students but specifically those with literacy challenges like dyslexia!
1:13 Thanks, Mark!
1:14 As part of this announcement we are also excited to share a wave of product updates to Microsoft Learning Tools family.
1:20 Let me show you a few.
1:22 So here I am in Word online, I'm going to click "dictate."
1:25 Microsoft Word online, now supports dictation in the browser.
1:30 This is also coming to OneNote online very soon, as well.
1:34 We're also bringing the Immersive Reader to Flipgrid
1:37 So here's a topic in Flipgrid, and I click the icon, and any student can launch that Immersive Reader.
1:42 And this is now available to any student in the world.
1:46 Next up, in OneNote for Windows 10, or OneNote online the Immersive Reader now supports math.
1:51 So I can have equations, and word and story problems all mixed together and have that read out loud.
1:58 We've got real time translations coming to the Immersive Reader.
2:02 So I'm choosing Spanish and I can do the entire document, or just by word.
2:06 I can click on a word now, and see both Spanish and English and listen to both out loud.
2:12 We're also bringing the Immersive Reader to Office Lens on Android.
2:16 Now, in partnership with Made By Dyslexia, we'll also be building new and free training materials for teachers working with dyslexic students
2:23 These new materials will live on the Microsoft educator community, so be on the lookout for that in the new year!
2:29 Back to you, Mark!
2:31 Thanks, Mike! Now, let's talk about some amazing events - Kelly, take it away!
2:37 Thanks, Mark!
2:38 We're celebrating global learning again this year with our annual Skype-a-Thon!
2:42 On November 13th and 14th, 2:44 thousands of classrooms around the world will be connecting with each other over Skype to learn about other cultures and perspectives.
2:51 BUT this year we are SO excited to announce that we're tying your students' journeys to real world impact!
2:57 For every 400 virtual miles you and your students travel using Skype during those 2 days,
3:02 Microsoft will donate essential education resources to a child in need through our partnership with WE
3:08 Supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #4
3:13 So we need YOU and YOUR CLASS to help us reach our goal of collectively travelling 14 million virtual miles in 48 hours in order to support up to 35,000 children living in nine WE villages!
3:25 Now, that's having an impact!
3:27 To join us for this free, two-day Skype-a-Thon adventure, simply go to to register and get more information and resources for your class.
3:35 As you get started, please be sure to share your plans on social media using #skypeathon to inspire others to learn and get involved!
3:43 Let's join together to open the hearts and minds of students everywhere, and make a real difference.
3:49 Over to you, Mark.
3:51 Thanks Kelly!
3:52 And speaking of involvement, we are asking you to help us identify education ChangeMakers from AROUND THE WORLD
3:59 Around the world!
4:00 Around the world!
4:01 So we can celebrate and amplify their amazing work.
4:05 If you have an inspiring educator you'd like to nominate, head to the link below to submit your story!
4:11 In the meantime, another way we're celebrating change makers is with our Hack the Classroom event.
4:17 Tune in on Facebook Live beginning at 8:00AM PT on Saturday, October 27 to get in on the fun.
4:27 More info on how to sign-up right here!
4:30 And that wraps it up for this month's What's New in Edu.
4:33 Don't forget to subscribe, follow us on social media, and share us with your fellow educators!
4:39 We'll see you next time!
4:41 See you next time, bye!

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